Linear Standby Belt (LSB) System

Linear Standby Belts was a bright idea borne out of several conversations between a couple of makeup artists on the set of The Hobbit.

They were searching for a perfect standby belt for ages. The old over-shoulder style bag did the job but caused endless shoulder and neck pain – and who hasn’t bent down to tie a shoe and had their set bag swing around annoyingly to the front, or put it down on set for a minute only to forget where it is?!

There had to be a more comfortable and efficient way of carrying all our equipment without putting this unnecessary strain on the body.

After time spent refining the belt and perfecting the pouches, Linear Standby Belts was launched in 2012. They are the first tool belts designed for makeup artists, by makeup artists.

The range consists of a wide padded belt, along with different style pouches and accessory options, so there is something for everyone no matter what your industry needs. The hisets uality, functionality and finish set LSB products apart from other standby bags on the market. They’re practical, comfortable and they look great!

And the practicality doesn’t stop there. They’re great for all sorts of professionals. Sports therapists and medics, who need to be quick, agile and have both hands free at all times, also really benefit from the ease of using LSB products.

All products are made of strong, clear PVC. They are shower proof and easy wipe clean. Fabric products are made of1200 Denier Nylon and machine washable.

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  • LSB Belt V2

    Linear Standby Belt

  • The Brush Caddy

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    The Actor Bag V2

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    The Actor Bag

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    The Compatto

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    The Demi

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    The Trio

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    The Tissue Tote

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    The Duo

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    The Prima 2.0

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    The Radio Holder

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    The Mini

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    The Carabiner

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